Elena GLEBOVA skates off with the gold medal

Gold medal winner Elene Glebova (EST)

Elena GLEBOVA (EST) skated off with the gold medal in the ladies event. Polina AGAFONOVA of Russia claimed the silver and Nicole RAJICOVA (SVK) earned the bronze medal.

GLEBOVA put out a beautiful performance to „Cleopatra “, reeling off a double Axel-double toe-double toe combo, a triple toe-double toe combination and a triple Salchow – double toe combo. She earned level four and three for her spins to earn 95,58 points and racked up a total of 150,80 points to win the Senior category. „I am very pleased today, what can be better than a first place? I was very happy with the SP, because I skated clean and did no mistakes. In the Long Program I had to pop up the toeloop. But overall I enjoyed skating. I can do the jumps easier, which means, that I’m not focused on the jumps but rather on telling a story on the ice. I worked with the best choreographers, David Wilson and Lea Ann Miller, this season and it was definitely worth it. My component scores have been higher than usual, that tells me, that it was the right decision,“ Elena GLEBOVA noted.

Silver Medal winner Polina AGAFONOVA

Polina AGAFONOVA opened her routine with a triple Lutz-double toe combination, but underrotated. Same thing with her triple loop and the triple Lutz. She produced a triple Salchow-double toe and a triple Salchow-double toe-double toe combo in the second half of her program. Her spins were merited with level four. She scored 87,75 points and remained second at 141,34 points overall. „The spins were good, but I am not satisfied with my jumps,“ AGAFONOVA pointed out.

Performing to the „Tango Amore“ by Edvin Marton , Nicole RAJICOVA completed four triple jumps (not all of them clean) and a double Axel-double toe combo. She picked up a personal best of 90,92 points and remained third at 139.23 points. „I am satisfied with both, the place and the points. But I am capable to do much better. I made some silly mistakes I can easily fix in the future. I chosed a tango for the Long Program, because I never skated to this type of music. It’s a more energetic program this year, usually I’m skating to classic music,“ Nicole RAJICOVA commented.


Fleur MAXWELL (LUX) performed the third best Free Skating with a triple-double toe, triple Salchow-double toe combo, a doule Axel but missed a place on the podium, although she earned the highest program components. She finished with a personal best score of 136.71 points.
Sandy HOFFMANN (GER) dropped to sixth at 128,90 points, and Anne Zetsche (115.34 p.) and Jennifer Urban (108,07) remained 11th and 12th.
The first Indian skater in Dortmund, Ami Parekh placed 16th with 104.07 points „I competed last weekend in Sofia and hoped to do even better in Dortmund, but I didn’t. I did some small mistakes in my programs, but overall I enjoyed skating. For the Short Program I do have some Reggae -Jazz, with Indian elements in it and I had much fun with the choreo. I tried to mix up the different styles, until it fits perfectly. In the Free Programm it’s music by Chopin I am skating to and I like it, because it’s calm, strong and classy at the same moment, The music is so rich and there’s always something to improve, to fit better to the music,“ the first skater; who represented India in an ISU competition; said.


Final Result Senior Men

  1. Alexander MAJOROV SWE 217,95p
  2. Brian JOUBERT    FRA 206,50p
  3. Jorik HENDRICKX BEL 190,84p
  4. Sergey BORODULIN RUS 188,04p
  5. Franz STREUBEL GER 187,23p
  6. Paul FENTZ GER 186,27p
  7. Martin RAPPE GER 175,76p
  8. Christopher BERNECK GER 172,23p
  9. Anton SHULEPOV RUS 161,73p
  10. Manol ATANASOV BUL 161,53p
  11. Valtter VIRTANEN FIN 159,69p
  12. Lewis GIBSON GBR 143,17p
  13. Harry MATTICK GBR 139,83p
  14. Matthias HECHLER GER 124,81p
  15. Luis HERNANDES MEX 121,30p
  16. Bertil SKEPPAR SWE 120,93p
  17. Balam LABARRIOS MEX 98,41p


Final Result Senior Ladies

  1. Elena GLEBOVA EST 150,80p
  2. Polina AGAFONOVA RUS 141,34p
  3. Nicole RAJICOVA SVK139,23p
  4. Fleur MAXWELL LUX 136,71p
  5. Elizaveta UKOLOVA CZE 132,01p
  6. Sandy HOFFMANN GER 128,90p
  7. Kaat VAN DAELE BEL 126,69p
  8. Monika SIMANCIKOVA SVK 120,40p
  9. Camilla GJERSEM NOR 120,03p
  10. Michelle COUWENBERG NED 119,93p
  11. Anne ZETZSCHE 115, 34p
  12. Jennifer URBAN GER 108,07p
  13. Eva LIM 107,52p
  14. Inga JANULEVICIUTE LTU 106,06p
  15. Ilaria NOGARO ITA 105,75p
  16. Ami PAREKH IND 104,07p
  17. Kim BELL NED 98,25p
  18. Jana COUFALOVA 96,48p
  19. Caterina ANDERMARCHER ITA 91,31p
  20. Minami DOBASHI GER 91,12p
  21. Maria del Rocio REYES QUINTERO MEX 88,39p
  22. Nadia GELDENHUYS RSA 83,99p
  23. Priscila ALAVEZ MEX 77,63p

Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE took the silver medal (Senior Pairs)


Vera BAZAROVA / Yuriy LARIONOV of Russia skated to the gold medal in the pairs event. Germany’s Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE edged out their national rivals Mari VARTMANN / Aaron VAN CLEAVE with the second best Free Skating.
Vera BAZAROVA / Yuriy LARIONOV’s program to „Polovetsian Dances“ (from „Prince Igor“) by Alexander Borodin was highlighted by a throw triple flip, triple twist and difficult lifts and spins, but she fell at the triple throw loop. The couple earned a Level 4 for two elements and scored 115,70 points, totaling 178,75 points. „We are satisfied with the place, but not with the points. I fell at the throw loop, but the other jumps went fine,“ Vera BAZAROVA noted.

2. Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE GER

Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE put out a beautiful performance to music of the movie „Your Highness“ completing a triple throw Salchow, a side-by-side double Axel and four level 4 elements. She touched the ice with the second foot at a the triple throw flip and the combination was a bit shaky. Overall they collected 167,81 points.  „ Concerning today, we are most of all happy that we get through our program without a fall. We did some minor mistakes, but nothing to worry about,“ Daniel WENDE said and Maylin WENDE added „I touched the ice at the throw flip with my foot, that was a little mistake. There’s always something you can improve. It’s only one week left to the German Nationals and we’ll stay here in Dortmund to train here the next days.“ „It’s always nice to be here, I spent here a lot of time in former times. It’s a nice ice rink and it has been a good competition,“ Daniel WENDE stated.


After a great SP Mari VARTMANN / Aaron VAN CLEAVE could’t repeat their result in the Free Skating. After two falls in their program to „Notre Dame de Paris“ they dropped to third with 157,58 points overall. Nevertheless they were frenetic supported by a japanese fangroup who took a lot of photos of the patient couple. „It’s all about the nerves. It was a difficult situation for us, because we knew that the second German couple was close to our heels. There’s not a better or a worse couple, and it’s important to stay calm. We did a god job yesterday, but the free Skating today was disastrous. Nevertheless, we are glad, that we achieved the Olympic norm for Sotchi,“ Mari VARTMANN commented.

Victory Ceremony Senior Pairs

Result Senior Pairs

  1. Vera BAZAROVA / Yuriy LARIONOVRUS 178,75p
  2. Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE GER 167,81p
  3. Mari VARTMANN / Aaron VAN CLEAVE GER 157,58p
  4. Elizaveta MAKAROVA / Leri KENCHADZE BUL 118,19p

Brian Joubert (FRA) wins Men Short Program

Currently leading Brian JOUBERT FRA

France’s Brian Joubert edged out Jorick Hendrickx of Belgium for the lead in the Junior Men’s Short Program. 2010 NRW Trophy winner Alexander MAJOROV (SWE) came third.

Brian JOUBERT did a nice quad toeloop in the warm-up, but in the SP it was a triple toe-triple toe combo he presented. He landed a triple Lutz in the second half of his cheographical very appealing routine, but had much trouble at his triple Axel.  He earned 72,02 points.

Currently ranked second Jorik HENDRICKX BEL

Jorick Hendrickx was the first skater on the ice, but did a good job there without a question. He landed a triple loop, triple Lutz-triple toe, collected a level four on two spins and a level three for the combination spin and the step sequence in his routine to “Caravan“ by Duke Ellington. He had to changed the edge in his opening triple Axel and  scored 69,32, a personal best as well.
Alexander MAJOROV produced a nice quadruple toe, a triple Lutz-double toe combo, but fell on the Axel. He earned a level four for his last combination spin an scored 67,84 points, skating to „Khorobushko“ by Bond which he choosed in view to the Olympics.


Germany’s Franz STREUBEL came in fourth with 66,23 points. STREUBEL’s routine featured a triple Axel, a triple Lutz-double toeloop combination and two level four spins. Merely his lower program components took him 1,61 points away from the current podium. „It’s my aim to skate two clean programs at the competition. It would be fantastic to get a ticket for the European Championships, that would be a little sensation after my bad summer seasons due to illness,“ Paul Fentz noted before the Short Program. He is currently ranked 8th after he fell in his triple Lutz – triple toe combo and struggled after he had landed the triple Axel.

Elena GLEBOVA (EST) grabs lead in Senior Ladies Short Program


Elena GLEBOVA of Estonia grabbed the lead in the Senior Ladies Short Program, followed by Polina AGAFONOVA (RUS) and Nicole RAJICOVA (SVK). Elena GLEBOVA turned in a strong performance to „Love in Three Acts“ to score 55,22 points. She landed triple toe-triple toe combo, a triple Salchow and a double Axel. Her combination spin was graded a level four. Polina AGAFONOVA’s elegant routine was highlighted by a triple Lutz-double toe combination and three breathtaking level four spins. The Russian lady picked up 53,59 points. Nicole RAJICOVA scored a personal best with 48,31 points, skating to „Papa Can You Hear Me“ by Michel Legrand. Her passionated routine featured a triple Lutz-double toe combination, a clean double Axel and level four and three spins and footwork.


Germany’s Sandy HOFFMANN placed fifth at 6,88 points and Anne ZETZSCHE and Jennifer URBAN are currently sitting in 11th and 12th. Sandy HOFFMANN nailed a double Axel and produced amazing spins which were graded level four and three. Overall she picked up 46,88 points. Skating to music of the movice „Black Swan“ Anne ZETZSCHE nailed a clean triple toeloop-double toeloop combination, a double Axel and her step sequence merited a level three. She totaled 40,13 points. „I want to skate clean programs and do as good as I do in practice. I plan to do five triple jumps and hope the all work out,“ the young lady told us before the Short Program. Jennifer Urban struggled at her loop combo and as well the triple toe was not easy for her. But she hit a double Axel and earned level 4 for her combination spin at the end to pick up 38,24 points. „I have been ill for the last seven days and only had practice the last two days. That’s the reason why my expectations are not that high, but I wanted to do a competition before the German Championships,“ Jennifer URBAN noted at the accreditation.



Mari VARTMANN / Aaron VAN CLEAVE sit in second

Mari VARTMANN / Aaron VAN CLEAVE GER sits in 2nd

Vera BAZAROVA / Yuriy LARIONOV of Russia took the lead in the Pairs Short Program followed by Germany’s Mari VARTMANN / Aaron VAN CLEAVE and Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE.

Performing to Charlie Chaplin music, Vera BAZAROVA / Yuriy LARIONOV produced a throw triple flip and earned a level four for the Reverse Lasso Lift, the combination spin and their footwork. Their triple toe was downgraded because she touched the ice. The Russians scored 63,05 points. Mari VARTMANN / Aaron VAN CLEAVE’s routine to “Where the Light Gets ” was highlighted by a throw triple Salchow and level-four elements (Combination Spin, Step Sequence, Axel Lasso Lift). Their death spiral only earned level one,  but their beautiful and harmonious routine earned the highest program components with 27,40 points and they totaled 60,79 points. Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE landed a triple toe, but made a little mistake in their throw triple Flip, which cost them some points. Their program to “November Rain” performed by David Garret included a level four combination spin and they picked up 58,23 points.

Russian sweep in Junior Pairs?


Russia’s Arina CHERNYAVSKAYA / Antonio SOUZA-CORDEYRU captured the Junior Pairs Short Program, edging out their teammates Rinata MURASOVA / Sergey ALEKSEEV and Vlada MISHINA / Vadim IVANOV.

Arina CHERNYAVSKAYA / Antonio SOUZA-CORDEYRU attempted a throw triple toeloop and double Axel. The combination spin, the toe lasso lift and the double twist lift merited a Level 4. They scored 50,30 points. Rinata MURASOVA / Sergey ALEKSEEV’s routine included level four combination spin and a nice twizzle, a double Axel and a throw double toe. The Russian couple earned 46,08 points. Vlada MISHINA / Vadim IVANOV struggled with their throw triple  toeloop and had some minor issues with the landings at their double Axe, but earned level four for their combination spin and the step sequence. The Russians picked up 39,30 points. After a smooth short programVanessa BAUER / Nolan SEEGERT are currently ranked 4th with 37,24 points.

Elizaveta YUSCHENKO self-critical after winning the gold medal

Gold medal winner Elizaveta YUSCHENKO RUS

We enjoyed a fantastic level in Junior Ladies competition. The Top 4 skaters went for triple flip-triple toeloop combination. Elizaveta YUSCHENKO (RUS) struck the gold, Alsu KAYUMOVA (RUS) took the silver medal and Aleksandra GOLOVKINA (LTU) took the bronze.

Skating to a „Swedish Rhapsody“ Elizaveta YUSCHENKO totaled 141,48 points (51,50 p SP/89.98 FS). She fell after her triple flip-triple toe combination but showed some good recovery skills and landed a clean triple Lutz-double toeloop combination and a good double Axel in the second half of her routine. Her combination spins both earned level three. „I am glad about the place, but not satisfied with my skating. I did a lot of mistakes, it was not my best skating. I made some little mistakes in the combination, it could have been better,“ the self-critical young lady told us.

Alsu KAYUMOVA completed fantastic level-four spins and level three footwork for her amazing step sequence as well as a clean triple Lutz-triple toeloop combination to score 89,18 points. Overall she accumulated 139,88 points and pulled up from third to second place. „I am very happy with the result, my skating went really well,“ Alsu KAYUMOVA stated.

Performing to tango music Avanced Novice Girls winner of 2011 Aleksandra GOLOVKINA moved up from fifth to take the bronze. She produced a triple toeloop-double toeloop-double toeloop combination, a triple toeloop and a triple Salchow-double toeloop combination. She collected a level four for her beautiful layback spin and a level three for the her footwork to score 134,19 points. „I am very happy, it was a good day for me. I am satisfied with performance, but the last spin was not a good one,“ Aleksandra GOLOVKINA commented.

After some little mistakes in the Free Skating Lutricia BOCK dropped from second to sixth with 131,07 points. Unfortunately she had to open up her triple-toe in the opening combination with the triple flip. But she was fighting hard in her skating, especially at the double Axel-single loop-triple Salchow combination and put a nice double Axel on the ice around the end. Lea Johanna DASTICH skated the 6th best free Skating and came in 7th.She nailed a double Axel-double toeloop-double combination in the second half of her program and earned a level four for her flying sit spin. Nicole SCHOTT showed a great catch-up-race in her Free Skating and moved from 16th to 9th with 116.01 points. She opened with a great triple toeloop-double toelopp combi and also hit  a nice triple Flip.

Victory Ceremony Junior Ladies


Russian sweep in Junior Men event

1. Roman SAVOSIN RUS 169,63 points

1. Roman SAVOSIN RUS 169,63 points

Roman SAVOSIN skated to the gold medal in the Junior Men event Friday at NRW Trophy Single and Pair Skating. Daniil BERNADINER (RUS) claimed the silver medal and Dmitriy MIKHAYLOV (RUS) earned the bronze. The first two Russian Men convinced the judges with excellent skating skills and earned high levels for their spins. Roman SAVOSIN collected 111.83 points and totaled 169,63 points. Daniil BERNADINER earned 107.67 points for his Free Skating and picked up 167.19 points overall. Dmitriy MIKHAYLOV slipped from 2nd to 7th with 156,18 points. It was not his day today and his face expression clearly showed that. He only skated the 7th Free Skating and lost his second place after the Short Program. Niko ULANOVSKY landed a clean triple flip-double toeloop combination, a triple loop-double toeloop-double toeloop combination and earned three times level three for his spins and his step sequence. Overall he racked up a total of 153,81 points and came in 5th. His coach Martina Dieck commented „Niko showed improvement in every competition. He achieved the National Squad Norm today and the competition was a good preparation for the National Championships in january.“

His teammate Alexander BETKE came in 8th with a personal best of 138,34 points. „I am pleased with my skating and the points in the competition. The triple Lutz – triple toeloop combination went really well in the Short Program and in the Free Skating I nailed the triple Lutz, with which I had troubles before,“ Alexander BETKE commented and his coach Martina Dieck added „Alexander showed really good jumps and showed a lot of improvement in the spins. Overall he showed a good routine.“

Victory Ceremony Junior ladies

Kalina LEWICKA strikes gold with personal best score

Kalina LEWICKA of Germany skated to victory in the Advanced Novice event Thursday at NRW Trophy. Annika HOCKE (GER) claimed the silver and Alisa STOMAKHINA of Austria earned the bronze.

1. Kalina LEWICKA GER 92.72 p.

Like Evgeni Pluschenko did before in a exhibition gala Kalina LEWICKA choosed „Tosca Fantasy“ for her Free Skating and moved up from second to earn the gold medal. Her powerful program included a double Axel-double toeloop combination, a triple toeloop-double toeloop combination and a triple toeloop. Her spins garnered level three and two and the step sequence was rewarded with level three. Overall she racked up 92,72 points.„I am pleased with my place and the points. It’s a personal best I scored today. I was a bit unconfident about the triple toeloop, but finally it worked out. The flying sit spin was not my best one, but overall it was a solid skate,“ the young german lady said.


3. Alisa STOMAKHINA AUT88.24 p.

Overnight lady Annika HOCKE represented herself more calm than in the SP and landed a double Lutz-double toeloop combination and a double Axel-double toeloop combination. She fell at the triple Salchow, but earned level three for her two spins. Overall she pocketed 91,43 points.

Alisa STOMAKHINA moved up from 8th to climb on the podium. She completed a triple Lutz and a triple toeloop-double toeloop combination. Her spins and her step sequence were merited level three and recieved 88,24 points overall. „I am happy about the result. The Short Program could have been better, I missed two jumps. I fell at the triple Lutz and the triple toeloop und therefore lost my combination. The step sequence was pretty good, better than in the last competitions. I am satisfied with my performance in the Free Skating, it went really well. I choosed a music from an old movie, by accident it fits pretty good in the winter time,“ the eleven year old young lady stated.

Victory Ceremony Advanced Novice Girls

Severin Reich hit the triple flip

1. Severin REICH 106,99p

Overnight leader Severin REICH of Germany claimed the gold medal in the Advanced Novice event Thursday at the NRW Trophy in Dortmund followed by wo French skaters; Luc ECONOMIDES earned the silver and Julian DONICA took the bronze.

After his technical ambitious Short Program Reich impressed the crowd with an elegant skate. He nailed a nice triple Salchow-double toe combination and a triple Flip. He earned level three for his spins and his step sequence. The young German picked up 69.44 points and totaled 106,99 points to remain in first place. „The jumps went really well today. It was the first time in a competition, that I hit the triple flip, I completed the flip the first time in practice two weeks ago. It’s not the first time I am on the podium at an International competition I won the Ice Challenge in Austria one week ago. I enjoyed skating here in Dortmund, it’s a great competition,“ Severin REICH commented.


Luc ECONOMIDES, dressed in tradiotional french clothes, moved up from 3rd to 2nd with a strong Free Skating. He completed a triple loop, triple Lutz, triple Salchow-double toeloop combination and a triple toeloop-double toeloop combination. He scored 72.69 points and accumulated 106.23 points overall. The „Gladiator“ Julian DONICA was rewarded with the second place in the free skating judgement and moved up from fifth to third. His powerful routine featured a triple Salchow-double Axel combination, a triple loop and a triple toeloop-double toeloop combination as well as two beautiful level three spins. He scored 69.56 and totaled 100.00 points overall. Denis GURZDHI (80,04) and Daniel SAPHOZHNIKOV (74,6) placed 7th and 9th. Denis GURZDHI opened his routine with a wobbly double Axel and Lutz, but he recovered and managed to land his double toeloop-double toeloop combination and his double loop fine. Daniel SAPHOZHNIKOV nailed two double loops, but the redhead had some trouble with his triple toeloop and the double Axel.

Victory Ceremony Advanced Novice Boys

Three Rusian Men in the lead (Junior Men)

Currently leading Daniil BERNADINER RUS

Russia’s Daniil BERNADINER (59,52p.) skated to the lead in the Junior Men Short Program followed by his teammates Dmitriy MIKHAYLOV (59,23p.) and Roman SAVOSIN (57,80). Daniil BERNADINER landed a nice triple Lutz – triple toe combination and a clean double Axel. Currently ranked second, only 0.29 points behind is Dmitriy MIKHAYLOV. His routine reatured a clean double Axel and a triple Salchow-triple toe combination. His cheography was quite nice and the step sequence very impressive. Roman SAVOSIN performed very emotional to his sad music and landed a triple Lutz-triple toe combination. He left some points on the board, because he only singled the last Axel.

Alexander BETKE GER

To the delight of the homecrowd Germany’s Niko ULANOVSKY (51,25p.) and Alexander BETKE (46,97p.) put out solid performances and came in 5th and 8th. Niko ULANOVSKY put out a solid skate, just the triple Lutz-triple toe and the double Axel were a bit wobbly. Alexander BETKE produced a nice triple Lutz – triple toe combination and beautiful spins.



Severin REICH captures Advanced Novice Boys Short

Currently leading Severin REICH GER

Germany’s Severin REICH captured the Advanced Short Program. Arthur RIBES of France finished second and his teammate Luc ECONOMIDES came third.
Severin REICH ’s put out a technical ambitious performance as a male Carmen and scored 37,55 points. Three elements merited a level three. Arthur RIBES opened his program with a triple salchow-double toeloop combination, sadly fell at his triple loop and produced level three spins. He picked up 35,78 points. Luc ECONOMIDES completed a triple toeloop-double toeloop combination and earned level three and two for his spins and step sequence. He scored 33,54 points.

The german competitors lie in the waiting line. Kai JAGODA (30,61 p) is currently ranked fourth, Daniel SAPOZHNIKOV (28,97p.) and Denis GURDZHI (28,65) came in 7th and 8th.