Brian Joubert (FRA) wins Men Short Program

Currently leading Brian JOUBERT FRA

France’s Brian Joubert edged out Jorick Hendrickx of Belgium for the lead in the Junior Men’s Short Program. 2010 NRW Trophy winner Alexander MAJOROV (SWE) came third.

Brian JOUBERT did a nice quad toeloop in the warm-up, but in the SP it was a triple toe-triple toe combo he presented. He landed a triple Lutz in the second half of his cheographical very appealing routine, but had much trouble at his triple Axel.  He earned 72,02 points.

Currently ranked second Jorik HENDRICKX BEL

Jorick Hendrickx was the first skater on the ice, but did a good job there without a question. He landed a triple loop, triple Lutz-triple toe, collected a level four on two spins and a level three for the combination spin and the step sequence in his routine to “Caravan“ by Duke Ellington. He had to changed the edge in his opening triple Axel and  scored 69,32, a personal best as well.
Alexander MAJOROV produced a nice quadruple toe, a triple Lutz-double toe combo, but fell on the Axel. He earned a level four for his last combination spin an scored 67,84 points, skating to „Khorobushko“ by Bond which he choosed in view to the Olympics.


Germany’s Franz STREUBEL came in fourth with 66,23 points. STREUBEL’s routine featured a triple Axel, a triple Lutz-double toeloop combination and two level four spins. Merely his lower program components took him 1,61 points away from the current podium. „It’s my aim to skate two clean programs at the competition. It would be fantastic to get a ticket for the European Championships, that would be a little sensation after my bad summer seasons due to illness,“ Paul Fentz noted before the Short Program. He is currently ranked 8th after he fell in his triple Lutz – triple toe combo and struggled after he had landed the triple Axel.

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