Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE took the silver medal (Senior Pairs)


Vera BAZAROVA / Yuriy LARIONOV of Russia skated to the gold medal in the pairs event. Germany’s Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE edged out their national rivals Mari VARTMANN / Aaron VAN CLEAVE with the second best Free Skating.
Vera BAZAROVA / Yuriy LARIONOV’s program to „Polovetsian Dances“ (from „Prince Igor“) by Alexander Borodin was highlighted by a throw triple flip, triple twist and difficult lifts and spins, but she fell at the triple throw loop. The couple earned a Level 4 for two elements and scored 115,70 points, totaling 178,75 points. „We are satisfied with the place, but not with the points. I fell at the throw loop, but the other jumps went fine,“ Vera BAZAROVA noted.

2. Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE GER

Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE put out a beautiful performance to music of the movie „Your Highness“ completing a triple throw Salchow, a side-by-side double Axel and four level 4 elements. She touched the ice with the second foot at a the triple throw flip and the combination was a bit shaky. Overall they collected 167,81 points.  „ Concerning today, we are most of all happy that we get through our program without a fall. We did some minor mistakes, but nothing to worry about,“ Daniel WENDE said and Maylin WENDE added „I touched the ice at the throw flip with my foot, that was a little mistake. There’s always something you can improve. It’s only one week left to the German Nationals and we’ll stay here in Dortmund to train here the next days.“ „It’s always nice to be here, I spent here a lot of time in former times. It’s a nice ice rink and it has been a good competition,“ Daniel WENDE stated.


After a great SP Mari VARTMANN / Aaron VAN CLEAVE could’t repeat their result in the Free Skating. After two falls in their program to „Notre Dame de Paris“ they dropped to third with 157,58 points overall. Nevertheless they were frenetic supported by a japanese fangroup who took a lot of photos of the patient couple. „It’s all about the nerves. It was a difficult situation for us, because we knew that the second German couple was close to our heels. There’s not a better or a worse couple, and it’s important to stay calm. We did a god job yesterday, but the free Skating today was disastrous. Nevertheless, we are glad, that we achieved the Olympic norm for Sotchi,“ Mari VARTMANN commented.

Victory Ceremony Senior Pairs

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