Tickets in Pre-Sale

Due to the large interest, you`ll have the possibility to purchase tickets for NRW Trophy 2012 in Pre-Sale. You can buy single tickets for each day of the competition or an all-event ticket. The all-event ticket (60€) provides admission to all events during the five days of competition.
To order the tickets, please write an email to the email adresse, which will be published on the website and on Facebook tomorrow 3 pm european central time. As the seats at the ice-rink are limited, there`s only a limited allocation of tickets available. You`ll get an order confirmation about your tickets, the date of receipt of mail counts in the awarding of tickets.
The tickets must be paid in advance, you`ll get instructions in the mail. They can be picked up at the ticket counter, which will be open one hour before the event starts every day of competition.

Please fill in the following informations in your order:
All-day ticket 5.12.12: Number of tickets ( )
All-day ticket 6.12.12: Number of tickets ( )
All-day ticket 7.12.12: Number of tickets ( )
All-day ticket 8.12.12: Number of tickets ( )
All-day ticket 9.12.12: Number of tickets ( )
All-Event Ticket (5.12-9.12): Number of tickets ( )

Ticket Prices:

All-day ticket 5.12.12: 5€
All-day ticket 6.12.12: 5€
All-day ticket 7.12.12: 5€
All-day ticket 8.12.12: 25€
All-day ticket 9.12.12: 25€
All-Event Ticket (5.12-9.12): 60€

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