Elena GLEBOVA skates off with the gold medal

Gold medal winner Elene Glebova (EST)

Elena GLEBOVA (EST) skated off with the gold medal in the ladies event. Polina AGAFONOVA of Russia claimed the silver and Nicole RAJICOVA (SVK) earned the bronze medal.

GLEBOVA put out a beautiful performance to „Cleopatra “, reeling off a double Axel-double toe-double toe combo, a triple toe-double toe combination and a triple Salchow – double toe combo. She earned level four and three for her spins to earn 95,58 points and racked up a total of 150,80 points to win the Senior category. „I am very pleased today, what can be better than a first place? I was very happy with the SP, because I skated clean and did no mistakes. In the Long Program I had to pop up the toeloop. But overall I enjoyed skating. I can do the jumps easier, which means, that I’m not focused on the jumps but rather on telling a story on the ice. I worked with the best choreographers, David Wilson and Lea Ann Miller, this season and it was definitely worth it. My component scores have been higher than usual, that tells me, that it was the right decision,“ Elena GLEBOVA noted.

Silver Medal winner Polina AGAFONOVA

Polina AGAFONOVA opened her routine with a triple Lutz-double toe combination, but underrotated. Same thing with her triple loop and the triple Lutz. She produced a triple Salchow-double toe and a triple Salchow-double toe-double toe combo in the second half of her program. Her spins were merited with level four. She scored 87,75 points and remained second at 141,34 points overall. „The spins were good, but I am not satisfied with my jumps,“ AGAFONOVA pointed out.

Performing to the „Tango Amore“ by Edvin Marton , Nicole RAJICOVA completed four triple jumps (not all of them clean) and a double Axel-double toe combo. She picked up a personal best of 90,92 points and remained third at 139.23 points. „I am satisfied with both, the place and the points. But I am capable to do much better. I made some silly mistakes I can easily fix in the future. I chosed a tango for the Long Program, because I never skated to this type of music. It’s a more energetic program this year, usually I’m skating to classic music,“ Nicole RAJICOVA commented.


Fleur MAXWELL (LUX) performed the third best Free Skating with a triple-double toe, triple Salchow-double toe combo, a doule Axel but missed a place on the podium, although she earned the highest program components. She finished with a personal best score of 136.71 points.
Sandy HOFFMANN (GER) dropped to sixth at 128,90 points, and Anne Zetsche (115.34 p.) and Jennifer Urban (108,07) remained 11th and 12th.
The first Indian skater in Dortmund, Ami Parekh placed 16th with 104.07 points „I competed last weekend in Sofia and hoped to do even better in Dortmund, but I didn’t. I did some small mistakes in my programs, but overall I enjoyed skating. For the Short Program I do have some Reggae -Jazz, with Indian elements in it and I had much fun with the choreo. I tried to mix up the different styles, until it fits perfectly. In the Free Programm it’s music by Chopin I am skating to and I like it, because it’s calm, strong and classy at the same moment, The music is so rich and there’s always something to improve, to fit better to the music,“ the first skater; who represented India in an ISU competition; said.


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