Kalina LEWICKA strikes gold with personal best score

Kalina LEWICKA of Germany skated to victory in the Advanced Novice event Thursday at NRW Trophy. Annika HOCKE (GER) claimed the silver and Alisa STOMAKHINA of Austria earned the bronze.

1. Kalina LEWICKA GER 92.72 p.

Like Evgeni Pluschenko did before in a exhibition gala Kalina LEWICKA choosed „Tosca Fantasy“ for her Free Skating and moved up from second to earn the gold medal. Her powerful program included a double Axel-double toeloop combination, a triple toeloop-double toeloop combination and a triple toeloop. Her spins garnered level three and two and the step sequence was rewarded with level three. Overall she racked up 92,72 points.„I am pleased with my place and the points. It’s a personal best I scored today. I was a bit unconfident about the triple toeloop, but finally it worked out. The flying sit spin was not my best one, but overall it was a solid skate,“ the young german lady said.


3. Alisa STOMAKHINA AUT88.24 p.

Overnight lady Annika HOCKE represented herself more calm than in the SP and landed a double Lutz-double toeloop combination and a double Axel-double toeloop combination. She fell at the triple Salchow, but earned level three for her two spins. Overall she pocketed 91,43 points.

Alisa STOMAKHINA moved up from 8th to climb on the podium. She completed a triple Lutz and a triple toeloop-double toeloop combination. Her spins and her step sequence were merited level three and recieved 88,24 points overall. „I am happy about the result. The Short Program could have been better, I missed two jumps. I fell at the triple Lutz and the triple toeloop und therefore lost my combination. The step sequence was pretty good, better than in the last competitions. I am satisfied with my performance in the Free Skating, it went really well. I choosed a music from an old movie, by accident it fits pretty good in the winter time,“ the eleven year old young lady stated.

Victory Ceremony Advanced Novice Girls

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